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catclaw -- yes I had to when msns windows live messeger got closed out because microsoft bought out skype, so everything that was on my msn contact list was switched over to skype.
ULTIMATEMALE -- You use SKype too ?
catclaw -- yes I had skype issues, but as I have always stated. I do not like skype much. I prefer having aim and yim...
christian7 -- hey catclaw havint seen on skype you ok?
catclaw -- I will most certaintly let you know when I get around to answering our posts foxxy.

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Feb 4 2017, 03:21 PM
~ a redish gold leopard appears before you, her firey emerald eyes shinning brightly...~

I welcome thee to my home planet travelers... This planet is ruled by a Queen, none other then she standing before you... I am catclaw. Many curse my name, and treasure it with friendship... I hope you prove to be friends rather then foes...

But beware danger lurks heavily in silver moon forrest for vampires make their home there as well, as the werebeasts... Travel only on the paths of were light touches... But wander off, and then you must face the consequences alone...

There are too moons in the sky giving the night an unusual appearance like that of the day, and in the day time there are too suns...
Night and day are fifty hours here, so you must be prepared for everything... For even though I am queen here... There are other races who do not abide by my rules...
Oct 27 2016, 09:54 PM
Violetris had been given directions by the guardian of fire to make her way past spire into the territory of someone who was lord of the red dragons, though cats terminology had called the red dragon in question a grumpy dragon lord, who had caused her no end of trouble. Of course unknown to the storm dragoness cat was going to be monitoring the havok on mayhem that would ensue with her presence.

She was looking forward to it in a way of course, but her first stop would be a Rosettas gem store that had recently been built across the boards of spire, and cats kingdom on a road that was heavily trafficked.

Soon flying away as the storm clouds rolled away from the guardian of fires castle, the dragoness made her way to the gem store in question. Landing and assuming a human like guise she made her way just as Rosetta had placed the last of gems in sparkling new barrels. "Have you got anything that will dampen my natural weather ability while I journey through spire?"

Rosetta smiled softly. "of course but why would a storm dragoness have need of such?" Though once she was told why the dragoness could only smile at that. "ah now I understand I hope cat knows what shes doing by provoking the beast."
Handing the gems over, she was paid very well by the storm dragoness who adopted her weather wizard form.
Dark midnight hair cascaded down her back and towards the very end, purple seemed to emerge and have an almost ethereal like quality, in her hands she had a staff that swirled with electricity for effect of course.

Then began her journey on foot no less towards spire, even as dark rolling storm clouds began to make their way towards cat's allies. How ever Violetris never meant to cause problems but she had long ago gained a perverse human in causing as much chaos, and mayhem where ever she went. Of course with the gems now on her person spire wouldn't experience the worst of her abilities, but only a fraction of what she could cause. How ever the red dragons area didn't get much rain, or so the guardian had imparted to her, and if she allowed her full abilities to come forth she could have some major fun especially in dragon form.

Her purple eyes gleamed with evil delight in such a case as this. But it would be a long journey on foot so for a good half hour she walked before transforming into her natural form of course if she was lucky the dragon lord would be visiting spire.
May 17 2016, 07:28 PM
In the known universe, civilizations rise and fall, but those who had learned space travel, and had not lost themselves to galatic war... still carried strong and thus their came to power a race that seemed more advanced than the shifters who had settled silvermoon so long ago.

Though the shifters prided themselves on being quite advanced with magic, and technological aspects, this race had even more advancements than they did. Though they were not enhanced with magic, or abilites to shift, or change shaope. No their bodies were made for agility an war. They could have been regaled as dragons, for their appearence was very close to that being that they were scaled, and it was like armor, except their bodies more closely remembled humans in muscle an shape.

This warrior llke race, which was not always honorable unless they could make a profit off some back water planet. They were known as Valkaaryon for they also sported fangs that dripped a type of vemon that caused untold ecstasy in their female victims. This reptile like race had decided that silvermoon would be ripe for the picking, and so they began to send vast amounts of their ships to that world. Though in the mean time their people were free to take any female they desired.... This is the story of one such capture...

A young twenty year old shifter, who had been in her elfin human like appearance, with her silver tresses cascading down in her back as she walked outside towards one of the more serene coasts of the worlds oceasons, saw a brilliant green light as it engulfed the area around here, and she found herself being suck into that light... when it was over with she found herself in a strange space craft... But though she was not contained other specimens were animals that would probably no doubt be killed or barted on the galactic market for sell. When the pirate got what he had wanted, he took off from silvermoon. The female intrigued this Valkaaryon . And so he had the computer on his ship auto pliot to the next way space station, as he made his way to the cargo hold to inspect the female he had just taken. Upon entering the cargo hold, he glanced at the beaitful female. And spoke to her a language that would have sounded like gutteral growls, and hisses to her trained ears. Realizing that the female wouldn't understand him he advanced quickly to subdue her so that he could place in her ear a translater headset.

The Valkaaryon managed to inject the translator device into the shifters ear, it was a device that very much looked like a jeweled ring that some females wore to adorn their ears with.

When the male spoke again to the female this time his gutteral tone was easily translated into her native language. " You will bring alot of credits to me, or perhaps if you behave I may not sell you to the black market. But you should know I will not be the first of my kind to come here to pillage and take you females, because we will soon invade this planet and make it ours."

The female in question growled at that her eyes glinting slightly though she did not dare betray she was more than human or elf. "Than your people will find quite a fight on their hands as my people will not allow another race to conquor them. we are natural born fighters." This caused the male to only laugh.

It was then that she lost her temper with the male, and flew at him, trying to delver punches to his chest and lower regions, how ever all that did was cause her fists to hurt at his rock hard abbs. "You were not kidding, your built like a tank." Came the shocked voice of the shifter. Though for that instant that she had attacked him the male had seen her eyes glow and become slitted like that of a predator almost elliptical in their design.

The male smiled at that assessment of his body. "Yes I am I did try to tell you that silly little female, how ever I am curious about you, in your method of attack your eyes glowed, and became predatory so what manner of race or being are you. I thought at first you might be human, or so my scanner medical unit said but it seems you are a little more than that."
Mar 23 2015, 03:59 PM
adopted hatchling (will be playing both rosetta, and hatchiling characters):

Rosetta had taken a tour in spire of all the orphanages that were run in spire, but only one had her continually comming back despite a certain dragon who groaned when ever she mentioned visiting the place. But of course even though that dragon still pursued her because she was a unicke diamond as it were amongst the many in spire. How ever in this particular building was a little golden female hatchling with bright crisom eyes, around her forehead where the budding of small horns, that would some day grow large. How ever near that crown of horns, was a small ruby tiraria that had came with the baby hatchling when she'd been dropped off anonymously.

Rosetta finally could stand it no longer her heart had been taken by the young hatchling, and so she began the process of adopting the youngster, she doubted if she would ever have hatchlings of her own, so for now she would be a mother to this one, and it would be a good start. Besides her own father had once told her that if she didn't intend on getting mated she should at last go out in the world an adopt some one who was less fornate to have a family. Once the papers had been processed, she came to the youngster, and spoke softly to her. " You will soon get to come home with me, for now you get to share my quarters in the spire itself while I am making trade routes for my people, soon as a time has been set up for my departature back to my homeland, and you will get to come there. I will enjoy showing you around my island, and at least to one other who will absolutely love you."

Of course rosetta could not speak of her sister, but she didn't care. Then she thought to herself, long as that war lord dragon doesn't know what I've done and than again this might just make him more interested in me than usual. Although I really can't see him letting me escape back to my home land without him. After all I have promised zero some of his family would get the royal tour at least before that enemy of ours the lion fish dragon comes back." The female latched onto the adult dragoness, the news was happy, she was finally going to leave this place for good. It was indeed the first time that those bright crimson eyes shown with hope. But she had never been given a name, and so rosetta smiled an wrote on the documation that she had been given, a name to call the hatchling by. "You will be called Crimsonaria, there is a flower with just the deep red of your eyes on my island, and that will be your name until you wish to change it." And so once she had named the hatchling the orphanage took an copied the papers making sure they now had a name to go by in their records.

And so she took the child out of the orpanage an carried her, in her arms, oh yes this was one lucky day thought the princess, she was now a mother to a baby hatchling, and soon she would have to go cloth shoping for the little one. But for now she was going to enjoy holding the bright intelligent hatchling. She had placed the little ruby tirara back on the little hatchlings head, for rosetta knew a princess when she saw one, even if the little one had been left by such a family at least hers would love the child, no matter her parentage...
Mar 1 2015, 06:12 PM
Chiron's appearence:

Chiron was the last of his species in this land, and because of his evil chaotic acts, he had been sentenced to stone for thousands of years, now during those years the world had progressed so much so that he was now in a garden of many statues instead of just one. And it so happened that day that a group of college class mates had displayed in front of his statue the acts of chaos, which that alone would free him from his thousand year prison.

Though his race, and his powers fallen into myth only the guardians were aware that his threat was very much real though the guardians themselves had fallen into myth and legend. But when the class had left, cracks in the stone began to appear, and laughter flowed dark an evil in that area.

When the stone had finally fallen off the creature in question, he arched his back, sending waves of chaotic energy everywhere, but none more so potent than towards the rural town that had once housed the guardian that had defeated him thousands of years ago.
This would only be the beganning for that town or so he thought. But first before he aquired a Queen, he must journey to the wilds of Chiverion forest, to make his chaos kingdom, and castle. Then an only then he would send a notice to the towns people to either voluenteer or sacrifice a bride to him. If they did that he would promise to regulate his chaos to only his kingdom within that area, and he would leave the town free from his wrath.

He flew past the town creating purple clouds that rained down cotton candy, or chocolate milk when the mood suited him, but that was all he did for now, didn't look below him as he passed. But his body was strange in the fact that it was parts of animals, but not all one thing. He could change his coat pattern at will, or even the color of his eyes using that to the best of his ability to hypnotize innocent folk. But he generally never used his eyes for that effect. He mostly used his powers on the town, and people living in the town as it were.

Once arriving in a clearing, where remembered the natural water sources, he was suprised to find that the forest in his time before had been nothing more than a little woodland, was now grown up to a large forest. But the landmark had remained the same, and so that is where he chose to build his castle, he had natural swimming pool near by with a hidden cavern that went into rainbow crystaline place that was filled with natural energy but could also amplify chaotic energy too.

Now that his castle had been created it rivaled anything from this now civlized age, and he laid out front of his castle, having used up a considerable amount of energy. He would rest for a bit before he would send his notice to the town. For now they would have to suffer the storms of chaotic clouds...

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