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 The Storm Dragon's Appearance, (open)
 Posted: Oct 27 2016, 09:54 PM
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Violetris had been given directions by the guardian of fire to make her way past spire into the territory of someone who was lord of the red dragons, though cats terminology had called the red dragon in question a grumpy dragon lord, who had caused her no end of trouble. Of course unknown to the storm dragoness cat was going to be monitoring the havok on mayhem that would ensue with her presence.

She was looking forward to it in a way of course, but her first stop would be a Rosettas gem store that had recently been built across the boards of spire, and cats kingdom on a road that was heavily trafficked.

Soon flying away as the storm clouds rolled away from the guardian of fires castle, the dragoness made her way to the gem store in question. Landing and assuming a human like guise she made her way just as Rosetta had placed the last of gems in sparkling new barrels. "Have you got anything that will dampen my natural weather ability while I journey through spire?"

Rosetta smiled softly. "of course but why would a storm dragoness have need of such?" Though once she was told why the dragoness could only smile at that. "ah now I understand I hope cat knows what shes doing by provoking the beast."
Handing the gems over, she was paid very well by the storm dragoness who adopted her weather wizard form.
Dark midnight hair cascaded down her back and towards the very end, purple seemed to emerge and have an almost ethereal like quality, in her hands she had a staff that swirled with electricity for effect of course.

Then began her journey on foot no less towards spire, even as dark rolling storm clouds began to make their way towards cat's allies. How ever Violetris never meant to cause problems but she had long ago gained a perverse human in causing as much chaos, and mayhem where ever she went. Of course with the gems now on her person spire wouldn't experience the worst of her abilities, but only a fraction of what she could cause. How ever the red dragons area didn't get much rain, or so the guardian had imparted to her, and if she allowed her full abilities to come forth she could have some major fun especially in dragon form.

Her purple eyes gleamed with evil delight in such a case as this. But it would be a long journey on foot so for a good half hour she walked before transforming into her natural form of course if she was lucky the dragon lord would be visiting spire.
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