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 The Invasion Of Silvermoon, shifters, alien romance
 Posted: May 17 2016, 07:28 PM
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In the known universe, civilizations rise and fall, but those who had learned space travel, and had not lost themselves to galatic war... still carried strong and thus their came to power a race that seemed more advanced than the shifters who had settled silvermoon so long ago.

Though the shifters prided themselves on being quite advanced with magic, and technological aspects, this race had even more advancements than they did. Though they were not enhanced with magic, or abilites to shift, or change shaope. No their bodies were made for agility an war. They could have been regaled as dragons, for their appearence was very close to that being that they were scaled, and it was like armor, except their bodies more closely remembled humans in muscle an shape.

This warrior llke race, which was not always honorable unless they could make a profit off some back water planet. They were known as Valkaaryon for they also sported fangs that dripped a type of vemon that caused untold ecstasy in their female victims. This reptile like race had decided that silvermoon would be ripe for the picking, and so they began to send vast amounts of their ships to that world. Though in the mean time their people were free to take any female they desired.... This is the story of one such capture...

A young twenty year old shifter, who had been in her elfin human like appearance, with her silver tresses cascading down in her back as she walked outside towards one of the more serene coasts of the worlds oceasons, saw a brilliant green light as it engulfed the area around here, and she found herself being suck into that light... when it was over with she found herself in a strange space craft... But though she was not contained other specimens were animals that would probably no doubt be killed or barted on the galactic market for sell. When the pirate got what he had wanted, he took off from silvermoon. The female intrigued this Valkaaryon . And so he had the computer on his ship auto pliot to the next way space station, as he made his way to the cargo hold to inspect the female he had just taken. Upon entering the cargo hold, he glanced at the beaitful female. And spoke to her a language that would have sounded like gutteral growls, and hisses to her trained ears. Realizing that the female wouldn't understand him he advanced quickly to subdue her so that he could place in her ear a translater headset.

The Valkaaryon managed to inject the translator device into the shifters ear, it was a device that very much looked like a jeweled ring that some females wore to adorn their ears with.

When the male spoke again to the female this time his gutteral tone was easily translated into her native language. " You will bring alot of credits to me, or perhaps if you behave I may not sell you to the black market. But you should know I will not be the first of my kind to come here to pillage and take you females, because we will soon invade this planet and make it ours."

The female in question growled at that her eyes glinting slightly though she did not dare betray she was more than human or elf. "Than your people will find quite a fight on their hands as my people will not allow another race to conquor them. we are natural born fighters." This caused the male to only laugh.

It was then that she lost her temper with the male, and flew at him, trying to delver punches to his chest and lower regions, how ever all that did was cause her fists to hurt at his rock hard abbs. "You were not kidding, your built like a tank." Came the shocked voice of the shifter. Though for that instant that she had attacked him the male had seen her eyes glow and become slitted like that of a predator almost elliptical in their design.

The male smiled at that assessment of his body. "Yes I am I did try to tell you that silly little female, how ever I am curious about you, in your method of attack your eyes glowed, and became predatory so what manner of race or being are you. I thought at first you might be human, or so my scanner medical unit said but it seems you are a little more than that."
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