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 Rosettas Adoption Of A Hatchling, (anyon is free to join)
 Posted: Mar 23 2015, 03:59 PM
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adopted hatchling (will be playing both rosetta, and hatchiling characters): (IMG:

Rosetta had taken a tour in spire of all the orphanages that were run in spire, but only one had her continually comming back despite a certain dragon who groaned when ever she mentioned visiting the place. But of course even though that dragon still pursued her because she was a unicke diamond as it were amongst the many in spire. How ever in this particular building was a little golden female hatchling with bright crisom eyes, around her forehead where the budding of small horns, that would some day grow large. How ever near that crown of horns, was a small ruby tiraria that had came with the baby hatchling when she'd been dropped off anonymously.

Rosetta finally could stand it no longer her heart had been taken by the young hatchling, and so she began the process of adopting the youngster, she doubted if she would ever have hatchlings of her own, so for now she would be a mother to this one, and it would be a good start. Besides her own father had once told her that if she didn't intend on getting mated she should at last go out in the world an adopt some one who was less fornate to have a family. Once the papers had been processed, she came to the youngster, and spoke softly to her. " You will soon get to come home with me, for now you get to share my quarters in the spire itself while I am making trade routes for my people, soon as a time has been set up for my departature back to my homeland, and you will get to come there. I will enjoy showing you around my island, and at least to one other who will absolutely love you."

Of course rosetta could not speak of her sister, but she didn't care. Then she thought to herself, long as that war lord dragon doesn't know what I've done and than again this might just make him more interested in me than usual. Although I really can't see him letting me escape back to my home land without him. After all I have promised zero some of his family would get the royal tour at least before that enemy of ours the lion fish dragon comes back." The female latched onto the adult dragoness, the news was happy, she was finally going to leave this place for good. It was indeed the first time that those bright crimson eyes shown with hope. But she had never been given a name, and so rosetta smiled an wrote on the documation that she had been given, a name to call the hatchling by. "You will be called Crimsonaria, there is a flower with just the deep red of your eyes on my island, and that will be your name until you wish to change it." And so once she had named the hatchling the orphanage took an copied the papers making sure they now had a name to go by in their records.

And so she took the child out of the orpanage an carried her, in her arms, oh yes this was one lucky day thought the princess, she was now a mother to a baby hatchling, and soon she would have to go cloth shoping for the little one. But for now she was going to enjoy holding the bright intelligent hatchling. She had placed the little ruby tirara back on the little hatchlings head, for rosetta knew a princess when she saw one, even if the little one had been left by such a family at least hers would love the child, no matter her parentage...
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