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catclaw -- yes I had to when msns windows live messeger got closed out because microsoft bought out skype, so everything that was on my msn contact list was switched over to skype.
ULTIMATEMALE -- You use SKype too ?
catclaw -- yes I had skype issues, but as I have always stated. I do not like skype much. I prefer having aim and yim...
christian7 -- hey catclaw havint seen on skype you ok?
catclaw -- I will most certaintly let you know when I get around to answering our posts foxxy.

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I'm College Student! I like rping the most!
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Jun 11 2018, 06:06 PM
She moved down a bit until her covered pussy pressed against his buldge causing her to moan out. "I need you inside of me." she says to him softly as she starts to undo his belt. "Deep down I am sorry for the little stunt I did." She says to him softly.
Feb 5 2015, 09:42 PM
Lyra was a beautiful woman yet she was never one to settle down with the wrong person. Her family never understood that about her and let her explore the world in hopes that someone would tame their daughter. She had wonderful blond-white hair that was wavy down passed her shoulders with nearly crystal blue eyes. She had a wonderful figure that any man would die having in their beds as their wife. She wore a cape with a hoodie as she made her way up several flights of stairs to get into the Mystic Mountain Temple of the dragon god. Once she was inside the temple she sat down on her legs and bowed her head as she prayed for help in finding the right person who would love her for just her and not her body. "Please, almighty Dragon God! Help me find that one man to love me and not my figure." She whispered to the statue of the Dragon God.
Jun 30 2012, 06:32 PM
Name: Willdemya Foxalynn Wings

Nickname: Fox

Age: 2004 but looks 18 in her human form

Race: Fox-witch Guardian of Nature

Powers: controlling nature and using potions for everything else as long as she’s not cooking a delicious meal to eat.

Weapons: Necklace for protection while there’s a sword at her side.

Home: Fox's cabin

Family: Biological Parents died but was adopted, separated from her adopted family at a young age and never found them.

Bio: Fox has been living alone since she was very young. She has a cabin in a forest she loves and takes care of. She grows her own veggies and fruits as well as her own ingredients for potions. She takes care of everything she can get her hands on including injured animals.

Before she and her adopted siblings were separated she was close to her eldest sister CC because of her fox form. Her fox form is rainbow and it shows off that she's a guardian of nature with all the colors she has in her fur.
Jun 30 2012, 03:21 PM
Okay I was thinking maybe someone would be great at being an evil monster like Lord Zedd from Power Rangers the original show. I kinda want to do a Power Ranger rp I can probably get it to be a group rp as long as we have an evil monster guy. I am willing to talk about plots and such.

This will not be on Earth if that is what anyone is thinking. This will be the Silver Moon Power Rangers. It will take place on a Silver Moon: Moons. SilverLight and DarkSilver Moons. There are two moons one lives in peace until the Evil of Dark Silver Moon invades the Light Silver Moon for the silver crystals which causes either light or dark over the universe.

there is a limited of players in a group rp. Limit is 3-4 peoples. I can place two players as long as they are girls.
Mar 11 2012, 04:07 PM
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