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catclaw -- yes I had to when msns windows live messeger got closed out because microsoft bought out skype, so everything that was on my msn contact list was switched over to skype.
ULTIMATEMALE -- You use SKype too ?
catclaw -- yes I had skype issues, but as I have always stated. I do not like skype much. I prefer having aim and yim...
christian7 -- hey catclaw havint seen on skype you ok?
catclaw -- I will most certaintly let you know when I get around to answering our posts foxxy.

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Apr 27 2012, 07:51 PM
Many years ago there were great and honorable warriors whom lived on Silver Moon, they were charged to keep the peace through out the lands. They were know as Dragon Riders, they served the people of the land for many years. Leading to a great Golden Age of peace and prosparity, answering only to their own cousil on most matters, and not tied to any government. But as with all things good their is evil as well, eventually a Rider came who believed the Riders and their Dragons should take power over the lands and Rule Silver Moon. This caused a great rift among the Riders, and a great civil war began between the two groups of Riders. The War all but destroyed the order, and though who survived, in their weakened state, were attacked by their enemies and the last of the Riders were destroyed. Though there were a few whom escaped and survive to this day, they remain hidden, waiting for the time when the Dragon Riders can return to Silver Moon, the return of Queen Catclaw may stir the old magic of the Dragons and their Rider, and call them back to serve the cause of peace once more.

Sitting on the edge of a great cliff that over looked a great vally and a small village was a long figure. She calmly watched with a keen eye, watching the travelers come and go. She sighed and stood slowly and calmly, her brown hair blowing in the wind. She gripped her bow and put it into its leather sleeve on her back, and looked once more at the village, Do you wish to return? asked as voice only she could hear.

No, it is not yet time..... I will wait... she answered calmly as she turned from the cliff to look at the Blue/purple scaled dragon laying behind her, The world is not ready for our return, I will continue to wait Azura.

The Dragon looked up at he woman and nodded slowly, And what of the Shifter Queens return Selina, surely it is a sign that our time to return is near? she spoke calmly, she was in no hurry to make their precence know ether, but knew it was best to weigh all options.

Selian seemed to think for a moment, Hmmm maybe, but until we see what she has planned we must wait and see. she answered before looking down at the village, she spoted a traveler drawing near the town and strange feeling came over her. Azura seemed to sence it and and stood behind Selina, watching the Traveler, What do you think Selina?

Selina though for a moment, I'm not sure, but I think I will go down to the Village, I want you to stay with in communication range, I'll keep you informed. With that Azura nodded and Selina grabbed her cloak and mounted her horse that was a ways behind the dragon. Putting on the cloak and mounted the horse and rode to the village with the hood over her head, headed towards the Tavern.
Mar 26 2012, 08:32 PM
Sakara looked at Kyna sadly, "I'm sorry......" she hugged her before she stepped bak and let Kyna go to her Dragon Horse. After a momnet she too staddled her horse and followed Kyna. When she was close enough to speak to her friend, she looked at Kyna, "Kyna.... I-I'm sorry..... its not your fault..... I didn't know what to do...." she looked down sadly.
Mar 20 2012, 11:22 PM
Hey Master Raven I was looking at the character templets and it came to mind that it might help people if Sexuality was added to the Character templet, so anyone looking at the characters would know which characters are the best parings. Thanks for your time.
Mar 11 2012, 08:20 PM
Name: Kittenclaw
Species: Winged Tiger or cat
Gender: Female
Age: 3998 in cat years. Humans years about eighteen.
Powers: She uses her Guardian of Water magic, also is very simillar to her older sister Catclaw, other then less combat and more healing. Conjuring things to her, shapeshifting to other forms. Lifting objects, using her guardian of Water magic to heal others. Also has the power to use Sapphires and gains some power from them.
Weapons: She can use small swords or daggers in her shapsifter forms, and claws and teeth in her true form, less skilled in combat then her sister.
Color of Eyes: They remain a beautiful Sapphire blue and shimering silver almost like water dancing in them when she is extremely excited or worried about something.
When she is not upset then sometimes her pupils can be seen... But it is very rare when that happens...

She can change her eye color in her other forms so that you will never know that it is Kittenclaw...

Discribition of Tiger Form without wings:
Silver-white with blue striped fur, beautiful sapphire eyes, claws of silver.... A collar circles around her neck and has sapphires and diamonds on it... She happens to be very fast in this form so that when attacking an enemy twice her seize they will never know what hit them, though she is not built for combat she can defend herself...

Discribition of a winged tiger in Anthro Form:
Stands upright on her hind feet... Can conjure weapons that are magical in nature though usually only in defence... Often times you will see her wearing pants or a skirt and shirt or even a sun dress, with light teal eyes that almost shimmer...
The nails on her hands in this form are extremely claw like, and some have said that they resemble talons in a way... So she can use her claw like nails to injure you in a fight or self defence...
She can fly in this form because she keeps her wings in this form, much like her sister.

Winged Tiger Form:
Her wings in this form are always the same color as her silver-white with blue striped fur... She wears the same collar in all her forms... She can fight and defend herself as with other forms... Because she always uses her guardian magic when flying at high speeds.
And this form is her true feline form and you see her all the time in this form, unless something happens and she can't shapeshift back to her other forms.

The Three forms of Kittenclaw Sapphire and Diamond Gold/silver Collar
This collar when in her true human form becomes a necklace of diamonds and emeralds... The gold color though varies and becomes silver the only gold that remains is her name tag that connects to the collar/necklace...

The second form of the collar varies from the first. Instead of the whole thing being silver it is now gold, and only her name remains silver...

The third form of her collar is created when she places a spiky magical collar over her original one... Thereby creating a collar that has spikes with jewels imbedded in them...This collar though is only used when she is facing vampires and those who like to drink the blood from the living...
The color of this collar does not become gold or silver... It becomes black with her name as silver... Though this is very rare for Kittenclaw to use...

Of all these forms of her collar she cannot take them off without risking the evil forces coming after her and beheading her with their evil magic as long as she has them one they cannot touch her nor bite her neck as the vampires would do... So in a way there are some protection against some things.
Present History: Kittenclaw has waited for her sister return, Ruling in her place, hoping for her to return and brink peace back to Silver Moon

Guardian of Water Form:

Though she has blue strips as well.
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